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Streetwear Essentials: Millennials Take Over the NYC Venture Capital Scene.

November 29, 2022

Venture capitalists in New York City are ditching traditional office attire for a bolder and more fashionable style. This new look includes designer sneakers, statement jackets, and ditching Patagonia vests. This shift from preppy vests to fashionable streetwear is indicative of the changing nature of the venture capital space, especially in New York City. Previously, venture capitalist firms have tended to prefer a conventional, formal look, and the Patagonia vest was a sign of belonging to the club. However, Millennials have begun challenging the established order and taking on a more fashion-forward approach in their wardrobe choices. The new look includes designer sneaker brands such as Yeezy and Nike, men’s and women's streetwear brands such as Off-White and Supreme, and statement jackets such as North Face and Canada Goose. Rather than opting for a more traditional vest and dress shirt combo, these modern venture capitalists are opting for an acronym-centric sneaker

Prompt that generated this article:
Write a Business Insider like 300 word article explaining why Venture Capitalists in New York City are ditching Patagonia vests for designer sneakersand statement jackets.
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